AAUXI Volunteer Program (AAUXIvp)

Every bit of help counts, pay it forward!


Not everyone can afford to pay for service, and many will help their neighbors as volunteers. We want to help good deeds continue more efficiently.  AAUXIvp connects those in need with willing registered volunteers at no cost (a nominal processing fee* of $1.00 applies).


  • AAUXIvp is a community outreach program.
  • Consumers and Volunteers need to install the mobile application to have the capability of using the program.
  • Clients can order volunteer services as well as other services.
  • The ordering party selects one provider from available registered providers.
  • The system matches the nearest available enlistees and schedules the order.
  • The provider accepts the order and helps the consumer as a volunteer.
LVN private duty care


  • Organizations can install the mobile application or request access to the web application.
  • Organizations can manage their volunteer program using AAUXI web application.
  • The application provides a live update on the status of an order and allows increased efficiency.



AAUXI is available on Google Play and App Store.