We connect health and social service frontline to consumers and organizations, aiming for improvement in the continuum of care.  AAUXI is a mobile and web-based technology platform owned and operated by ALFA Healthcare Solutions, Inc. a California registered corporation.


Our mission is to help improve public health, improve delivery of care and operation, maximize outcome while reducing cost and delivery time of service. We will do that by utilizing technology.

About us - Nurses


We created AAUXI with the vision to automate and speed up the process of employing healthcare clinicians for the entire healthcare industry.  It is our purpose to streamline healthcare service delivery through granting access to a large pool of local providers that can perform tasks or treatments with short notices.


Our platform is a tool for any person or organization that provides or manages the provision of care for the ill, the elderly, the disabled, and any person that utilizes the help of others for managing health and activities of daily living. AAUXI incorporates on-demand technology to order, schedule, select providers, track progress, receive and provide care, improve the quality of care, and reduce the cost of care.


Our platform is for clinicians that have extra time and want extra income. The network allows clinicians to tap into local needs, help their neighbors, and earn extra income. Individuals who are licensed to provide medical and social help can also promote their skills, services and products, using AAUXI.

Save Money and Help the Environment

AAUXI’s primary matching criteria is distance.  It helps reduce traveling distances, associated costs, and helps the environment.