AAUXI is an on-demand healthcare and staffing mobile (iOS & Android) application that enables individuals and healthcare organizations to place orders and access a large pool of freelance providers that can provide skilled and non-skilled work on an interim and intermittent basis.  AAUXI is designed to reduce costs and find the closest qualified provider that can serve a consumer in the shortest possible time and notice.

AAUXI is not a service provider, but rather it houses a database of registered, qualified, and licensed providers that can provide care to consumers upon request.  Registered providers of AAUXI can provide the following services:

Skilled Nursing,  Physical Therapy,  Occupational Therapy, Speech Therapy,  Home Health Aide, Medical Social Worker, Caregiver Services

RN (Registered Nurse),  LVN (Licensed Vocational Nurse),  PT (Physical Therapist),  PTA (Physical Therapist Assistant),  OT (Occupational Therapist), COTA (Certified Occupational Therapist Assistant),  ST (Speech Therapist),  MSW (Medical Social Worker), CNA (Certified Nurse Assistant),  CHHA (Certified Home Health Aide),  Caregiver (Home Care Aide)

RN-Nursing Assessment/Evaluation,  RN-Skilled Nursing Visit, Wound Care and Wound-VAC Care,  Dressing Change,  Ostomy Care, Diabetic Care &, Education, Medication Management & Administration, Monitoring vitals, Blood Sugar & Insulin Injection, Outpatient Antibiotic Therapy (OPAT),  IV Infusion, IV Therapy (Hydration, IVIG, IV Antibiotic, TPN),  IM / IV injection, Preoperative and Postoperative care,  Pain Management,  Lab Draw, Tube Feeding, and G-Tube Care & Teaching,  Drain Care,  Foley Catheter Care/Change,  Patient and Family Education & Counseling, Private Duty Nursing Care

LVN-Skilled Nursing Visit, Wound Care and Wound VAC Care, Dressing Change, Ostomy Care, Diabetic Care; Check Blood Sugar & Insulin Injection, Preoperative and Postoperative care, Pain Management, IM injection, Medication Management & Administration, Lab Draw, Tube Feeding, and G-Tube Care & Teaching, Drain Care, Foley Catheter Care/Change, Patient and Family Education, Private Duty Nursing Care

PT Evaluation, PT visit, PT Re-evaluation, PT Discharge Visit, Therapy at home after Total Knee & Total Hip Replacement, Gait & Balance Training, Transfer & Mobility Training, Fall prevention, Stair/Step Training, Assistive Device Training, Exercise for generalize & muscle weakness, Muscle Re-education and increase Endurance

OT Evaluation, OT Visit, OT Discharge Visit, OT Re-evaluation, return to work preparation, Skill Modification & Attainment, Work & home environment improvement, Patient & caregiver education, Use of adaptive equipment guidance.

Speech therapy evaluation, Speech therapy visit, Help for communication impairment, Assist with vocal & cognitive impairment, Normalize speech pattern after trauma, Assist with social integration

Help with Personal Care and Bathing, Help with Dressing and Grooming, Help with Toileting, Help with Meal Preparation, Housekeeping, Shopping & Errands, Respite Care, Companion Care, Dementia Care, Safety supervision, Live-in Care

Yes. Professional license, provider credentials, vaccines records, and regular screening are verified and periodically checked.

Yes.  Each provider is subject to criminal State and Federal background checks.  The records are checked periodically.

You will need to be a registered consumer to place orders.  Download the AAUXI application from the app store, and register your account.  Once you have established an account you can use the AAUXI app to place an order.  For a tutorial on placing an order look under <How To> on the Resources page. 

AAUXI is an on-demand mobile application and designed to schedule orders from immediate service or months in advance.  The availability of providers is diminished as the time between order placement and starts is reduced.  For best results try to schedule your order as soon as you realize the need.

You can cancel your order at any time prior to the scheduled start time of your order.  Cancellation charges may apply.  Please refer to Terms of Use, section Consumer Cancellation Policy.

We recommend that you cancel your order as soon as you can.  A 24 hours notice is required to avoid a cancellation fee.

Cancellation fees may apply.  There is no cancellation fee if you cancel your order 24 hours prior to the scheduled start time. There is a cancellation fee for canceling orders within 24 hours of the scheduled start time.  For 12-24 hours notice the fee is 50%. The total amount is charged if orders are canceled within 12 hours of the scheduled start time.

Providers carry private practice insurance policies.  AAUXI does not provide any insurance protection for providers or consumers.

Yes.  AAUXI is HIPAA compliant.  Please review the Privacy Policy.

Yes.  Once the provider has completed your order, AAUXI will update the order status to complete and ask you to rate the provider.  Provider and Consumer rating helps other consumers and providers make informed choices.  We encourage you to rate your experience to help others.   

AAUXI is available to any person in the United States.  Availability of services depends on provider sign up in your area.

No.  The providers listed on AAUXI are not the employees of the owner/s of AAUXI.  Providers are freelance medical professionals looking for extra income.  AAUXI helps providers connect with consumers.

AAUXI will only use client and provider information for the purpose of ordering and matching providers.

Yes.  The personal information we gather is limited and protected.   For added security, AAUXI is HIPAA compliant.

The rates schedule is listed under resources.  You can also sign up as a consumer and try to schedule a visit by a qualified provider.  You can terminate the process at any time prior to completing your order.

Each order is for one provider.  Additional providers will need additional orders.

Yes.  Once the provider completes the order, you will be notified to rate the provider.  At that time the app will ask if you wish to tip the provider.

If you do not receive service, you will not be charged.   You can place another order and select a different provider.

It is best to contact the provider to change the time.  The provider will request a one time access that will allow changing the order time.  You can also cancel the order and place a new order with the time you need care.

Once you place an order, the app will show all the available providers near you.  You can select the specific provider you like if that provider is on the list of available providers.

Yes.  AAUXI has a repeat or recurring feature.  Look under <<HOW TO>> on the Resource page.

Elder Abuse and Child abuse is illegal and punishable by Federal and State law.  If you are abused, you are encouraged to contact law enforcement.  The company will comply with all legal requirements, if necessary.

No, there are no limits.

No.  Each order is for one client and one provider.  If you need care for an additional person, you will need to place a separate order for the second person.